Concrete Flex

Concrete Flex is an environmentally friendly and sustainable collection that redefines the concrete concept, available in 10 stunning colors.

Suitable for both exterior and interior applications, Concrete Flex is a thin yet highly resilient panel of flexible concrete composite.


Exterior: 490mm x 1m x 2.5-3mm
(approx. 19-1/3” x 39-3/8” x 1/8”)

Interior : 490mm x 1m x 1.7-2mm
(approx. 19-1/3” x 39-3/8” x 1/12”)

Custom Sizing available in sizes up to 3m (118”) long x 1m (39.3”) wide

Color Range

10 standard colors, custom colors available for large orders

concrete flex white


light grey concrete flex

Light Grey

concrete flex almond


concrete flex peach


concrete flex coral


concrete flex medium grey

Medium Grey

concrete flex dark grey

Dark Grey

concrete flex curry


concrete flex mint


concrete flex ice blue

Ice Blue

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