Glass interior walls allow sunlight to shine deep into your building, and for views of the outdoors to be shared by everyone. Humans are tuned to the circadian rhythms of the sun, and consistent access to natural daylight plays a vital role in our health. Although there are now LED lighting systems which emulate the sun’s cycles, there is still no substitute for the real thing.

The WELL and FitWel building standards recognize this need to allow more people access to daylight, and by using our glass wall systems, you can earn points toward these certifications. You can also save on energy bills while contributing points for LEED due to reduced need for artificial lighting.

“Too much noise” is one of the most common complaints from office workers. This has been exacerbated by the onset of the open plan workplace. Originally conceived to encourage interaction and collaboration, open offices devolved into a cacophony of distraction. Now widely seen as a simple way to cut costs and fit more people together, it is all too common to just seat everyone at long tables. An effective workplace needs a balance of collaborative and private spaces, and each company has different requirements.

Glass architectural partitions are one potential remedy. They provide acoustic privacy while maintaining an open and transparent feeling to the space. Everyone gets to enjoy natural light, as well as the quiet atmosphere needed to get quality work done. Glass-enclosed meeting rooms and phone booths are a great way to allow for different types of work so that everyone can be productive while feeling that they are able to focus on the particular task at hand.

Often, meeting rooms and private offices need a distinct visual separation from the surrounding areas. Whether for security concerns, or simply to further reduce distractions, there are a variety of ways to incorporate an appropriate level of visual privacy, while still allowing natural light to flow through the building.

For reduced distraction, a common solution is to apply a decorative window film to the middle third of the wall. This allows maximum light while eliminating direct eye contact with people walking by. The design of this film can be perfectly tailored to your company’s brand image and the level of privacy required.

In some cases, you may want something a little bit more specialized. If you have sensitive information being shared during presentations, there are special window films which will allow all light to pass through, but completely block out any computer screens or monitors. If you want an office or meeting room to be private only on certain occasions, we can install Switchable LCD Privacy Glass, which changes from clear to fully opaque at the flip of a switch.

At the highest level of privacy for clear glass walls, you can choose to have acid etched or textured glass which will still allow natural light to pass through. For full privacy we can also provide opaque colored glass or solid walls incorporated into our wall systems.

The colors and textures of your surroundings can have an impact on your well-being. We believe that working while surrounded by high quality finishes can subtly raise the level of work performance and expectations. People take in their environment and subconsciously work to a higher standard. Adotta’s minimal glass walls can fade into the background, or they can stand front and center as the focal point of a space. In any configuration, our wall systems are clean, precise, and durable, and are of the highest quality and craftsmanship. We can work with you to customize our wall systems to match your brand image and to create the type of environment you want for your organization.

Our project managers each have extensive knowledge of Adotta wall systems and years of experience in construction of glass partitions for commercial office interiors. They work with our qualified and experienced installation teams to ensure that every field condition is anticipated and installed correctly without delay.

Habitat Matter works with the general contractor to manage all phases of the project, from bid, to drawings, to installation and quality assurance. We pride ourselves on friendly customer service, meticulous attention to detail, and agility in jobsite coordination. You will have a final product of a finished aluminum-and-glass partition system, installed to our exacting standards, along with a warranty for peace of mind after the project is finished.

Here at Habitat Matter, we strive to provide the best products we can, which includes minimizing their impact on the environment. Our products are composed of recyclable materials: glass, aluminum, steel, and wood. We strive to use locally sourced materials with recycled content whenever possible, and we continue to look for ways to do better.

All of our wall systems contribute toward important health and sustainability building standards such as LEED, WELL, and FitWel. We believe it is important that we do our part to support and maintain all aspects of a healthy environment, both indoor and outdoor. We have dedicated part of our revenue to be donated toward preservation of our planet’s ecosystems, and we volunteer our time to earth-friendly initiatives.