Mix and match these prefab acoustic absorbers to create a functional sculpture of your own. Build up the blocks to create separation between seating areas, or as its own seating area. Zilenzio Blocks can double as seats.
Designed with two layers of thick rockwool, separated by a wide air gap, Zilenzio Blocks are powerful and effective sound absorbers. When using them to create meeting nooks or seating areas, as long as there is no clear line of sight from you the person on the other side, most sound will not travel.  Create very private seating areas without needing a fully enclosed room. Zilenzio Blocks absorb a large portion of the sound so that it will not echo throughout the room.
Anyone can easily build and rebuild with Blocks. They go together simply and easily with velcro, already attached to the underside of each block. Each block also comes prepared to receive legs, so any block can be used as a base. Stack them up to 6 high for the most effective barrier, and leave a few low pieces to add seating to your space. There are a huge variety of colors to choose from, and you can order blocks in the 3 sizes in as many colors as you like, to make each Block arrangement uniquely your own.


Widths: 23-5/8″, 35-7/16″, 47-1/4″
Height: 9-13/16″
Depth: 11-13/16″
Base height: 2-3/8″

Body in fire retardant MDF, panels filled with mineral wool
Easy to assemble with velcro attached to the underside of the product
Base in solid wood and legs in metal.

Standard Fabrics

Camira fabrics: Blazer Lite, Blazer, Synergy
Kvadrat: Divina MD

Other fabrics available for testing upon request


Peter Åström