Tune is a sound absorbing seating collection designed by Norm architects for Zilenzio.

The Tune sofa has a sound-absorbing shell, combined with soft cushions that complement the design’s smooth and clean lines.


2-seater low back: 59-1/16″ x 34-1/16″ x 26-3/8″
2-seater high back: 59-1/16″ x 47-1/4″ x 26-3/8″

3-seater low back: 81-1/8″ x 34-1/16″ x 26-3/8″
3-seater high back: 81-1/8″ x 47-1/4″ x 26-3/8″

Standard Fabrics

Camira: Main Line Flax, Blazer, Synergy
Kvadrat: Melange Nap, Fiord, Remix
Gabriel: Gaja
Nevotex: Lido

Other fabrics available upon request

Designed by Norm Architects