Zorla is a mobile floor screen with sound absorbing effects, perfect for reducing noise in open room constellations. The top wooden box can be filled with natural or fake plants to make it a decorative piece of furniture, making it especially useful in schools and offices.


Widths: 47-1/4″
Height: 47-1/4″, 63″
Height with shelves: 53-15/16″, 67-11/16″
Depth: 8-7/8″, 13-9/16″ (with shelves)

Body in fire retardant MDF, panels filled with mineral wool, base with locking wheels
Plant box standard finishes: untreated ash, white washed, black washed
Add on artificial plants: aloe vera, sasaki art, boston fern

Standard Fabrics

Camira fabrics: Blazer Lite, Blazer, Synergy, Cara, Carlow
Kvadrat: Floyd Screen, Remix, Melange Nap, Fiord
Gabriel: Event Screen, Twist, Gaja

Other fabrics available for testing upon request


Anca Inredningarkitekter AB

47-1/4″ x 47-1/4″

47-1/4″ x 63″

47-1/4″ x 53-15/16″

47-1/4″ x 67-11/16″