With offices opening back up, we are working hard to help our clients to create effective and flexible office layouts that can help reduce the spread of coronavirus and other pathogens. It’s more important than ever to divide workstations, while allowing healthy natural light to permeate the office.

How will our offices look once we all get back to work?

Identifying Trends in the Future of Workplace Design

We hosted a series of discussions with the architecture community, called “Habitat E-Chats” to discuss wide ranging topics surrounding the impact of COVID-19 on architecture, interior design, office culture, and building materials.

Everything we learned is condensed here, to share with you so that we may build a better future together.

Here are some of our top recommendations to make your workplace ready and have a smooth transition back to the office. Depending on space design, timing and budget we can help you choose from highly flexible and fast alterations to more permanent solutions: table screens, space dividers and wall systems.

All our wall systems can incorporate antimicrobial PBA hardware and copper hardware to minimize pathogen transmission.