Bored of the same old perforated acoustic panels? Not Obersound


Acoustic panels designed to bring more soul into our interiors. Unique perforation patterns reduce noise for quieter and more comfortable spaces. Creative patterns let you play with style in natural wood, metal, matte color, and organic finishes.

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Bored of the same old perforated acoustic panels?
Not anymore…
meet Obersound

Made from rapidly renewable & recycled materials

All veneers utilized. Highest quality only for front side, others on back side.

Perforations in the panels absorb sound, improving comfort of interior space


With more options, every space is unique

oberflex fsc-certified wood sourcing
oberflex wood veneer grading and selection
oberflex joining wood veneer sheets
obersound acoustic sound reducing panels
obersound noise absorbing panels
obersound decorative acoustic wall panels
obersound custom acoustic panels
obersound sound-absorbing wall art

Wood sourced with double PEFC™ and FSC® certification

Veneers expertly mixed for even color

First durable acoustic panels with real wood veneer base

Consultation & shop drawings for your bespoke design

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choose the material of your OberSound acoustic panels:

obersound acoustic wood wall panels
5.5. collections, bark
obersound perforated wood acoustics

FSC-certified real wood veneers are the heart of the Obersound product line. This emblematic collection boasts 97 types of natural and stained wood veneers. Obersound wood panels feature a high-resistance low-voc finish via their proprietary Oberflex process, making maintenance easy.

Obersound acoustic wood panels are designed to bring more soul into our interiors. Unique acoustic perforation patterns reduce noise for quieter and more comfortable spaces. The durable wood surface is perfect to specify for projects of all kinds. Play with style and harness the warmth of natural wood.

obersound restaurant acoustics
5.5. collections, gooseflesh
Obersound Metal Wall Panels
textured metal surfaces available
Obersound perforated metal acoustic panels

Obersound uses a metal surface laminated onto a recycled wood substrate with perforations in tons of styles for you to customize. The aluminum finishes are brushed, matt, rough rolled or mirror polished. Available in 15 metal looks including copper, stainless steel, pewter, brass, and bronze.

Obersound perforated metal acoustic panels improve acoustic comfort in interior spaces where soft surfaces just won’t do. The acoustic perforations reduce echo so you can hear your friends, family, and colleagues better. The easily cleanable surface will work for museums, offices, and restaurants.

obersound acoustic metal wall panel
pure paper metal collection
obersound sound-reducing panels
5.5 collections, crackling
obersound noise cancelling wall panels

Obersound creates perforated, ready-to-use, acoustic panels made of a recycled wood substrate bonded on one side with a solid color decorative finish, letting air through to absorb sound. Their high-tech exclusive manufacturing process give the panels unrivaled surface resistance.

The perforations in colorful cladding give these wall panels a superpower: sound absorption. Obersound’s artistic acoustic panels have the performance of a premier acoustic material, with the surface resistance of a laminate and a huge range of bold and sophisticated colors for your palette.

obersound artistic acoustic panels
5.5 collections, padding
obersound eco-friendly acoustic panels
SuperOrganic collection, Spring Petals
obersound sustainable acoustic panels

SuperOrganic is designed with sustainably harvested plants and flowers, creating a sensuous natural surface that you can see, touch, and even smell. The aromatics evoke a sense of calm, while air flows through the hollow base to reduce noise without needing any external perforations.

We are always striving for healthier interiors, and what better way than bringing nature inside? There has never before been an acoustic surface that uses all natural organic plant matter as its functional surface. Obersound developed SuperOrganic to advance the possibilities of biophilic design.

obersound natural acoustic panels
SuperOrganic collection, Oak Wood Flake
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choose the pattern of your OberSound acoustic panels:

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how to specify your OberSound acoustic panels:

*Perforations are not required for acoustic performance with SuperOrganic"
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