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Mobile Partition with corkboard and whiteboard Movable partition with integrated storage

Flat Move by Artis is a modular wall system, created by up to three customizable portable room dividers with optional integrated vertical work surfaces. These freestanding walls are perfect for creating temporary interior walls in workplaces, schools, restaurants, hotels, or clinics which can be moved at any time. With speed and adaptability being so important for organizations of all types, our interior spaces need to be more flexible than ever. Flat Move is here to allow companies, landlords, and business owners to make that dynamic transformation, quickly and easily, in their existing spaces, with no construction.

Freestanding office dividers

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Modular, Portable & Multifunctional

The units of Flat Move are modular and the design choices are limitless. Whether you want a clean minimal look with all glass, are creating temporary “cubicle walls”, or you want a highly functional feature wall for your shared workspace with standing desks, coat hooks, and planters, you can design it. 

Created with architects and designers in mind, the functionality and flexibility gives you a lot of freedom to build Flat Move how you want it. Whether you’re an office manager, CEO, HR Director, Health & Safety specialist, or a facility manager, you can easily get a Flat Move that’s right for you and your team. 

When you order Flat Move, the entire assembly will come shipped in a crate with instructions, like Ikea furniture. Even so, we recommend having professional furniture installers build the assembly, to ensure correct installation and that all warranties are valid. Habitat Matter can provide installation in anywhere in the US. 

Choose from one of the four flavors of Flat Move:


This truly movable glass partition wall gives you the ability to divide rooms while still allowing light to pass through, so the layout still feels open. Unique to Visual, you can use shaped glass and various colors for the framing.  The glass can be colored or clear, and cut into shapes. Let your imagination run wild. 


Whether you want bookshelves, cubbies, lockers, storage for files or personal items, the 1-foot deep modules can adapt. They can be open on both sides, just one side, or fully enclosed. Just the same, you can have doors on one side or both. The specific layout is up to you, and can be different on each side.


A classic look, with 4″ x 1″ vertical wood slats set at a 45-degree angle. The louver style allows air and light to pass through, providing subtle visual privacy. Reminiscent of a vanity screen, these are great for seating or reception areas, hotel lobbies, doctors offices, or hospitality applications.


All the bells & whistles come together on this one. For going back to work today, you might want an integrated purel or hand sanitizer dispenser, wastebasket, and signage showing social distancing protocols. For tomorrow you might want a standing desk and bookshelf. You can have all these and more in one wall.

What will your walls look like?

Aluminum finishes: anodize or powdercoat in any RAL color and in any combination

Some of our favorite materials for solid configurations:

Artis developed Flat Move with sustainability, high quality, and innovation in mind. Having identified the trend of office layouts needing more flexible and adaptable spaces, Artis had been developing Flat Move for several months even before the lockdowns began. After a complex manufacturing, definition, and commissioning process, this release happens to coincide with the covid-19 pandemic, which only accelerated the need for portable room dividers like Flat Move.

In the modern open workplace environment, employees crave a variety of places to work — different sized meeting rooms, phone booths, huddle spaces, private nooks, and team zones. Certainly new workplaces will be built with more private offices for executives, but there is now a huge need for bringing many people back to the workplace safely, while reducing the spread of pathogens. The workplace needs to be flexible, and will constantly change with the easing of social distancing rules. Flat Move is here to allow companies to reduce open plan office anxiety, and to make dynamic transformations quickly and easily within existing spaces. 

Most new office dividers on the market are small, flimsy and ugly, meant for these few months during COVID-19 but then discarded. Flat Move is the opposite of those inherently temporary solutions. Flat Move is a high quality movable wall that will be a reliable part of flexible office designs for many years to come.

Flat Move is:

Mobile partition with white frame


Up to 8 feet wide by 8 feet tall, so a single unit can divide large rooms. 3 units combine up to 24 feet long. 


Unlike other wall partitions, it it truly movable and does not have to attach to walls or ceilings.

Made to Last

Temporary wall solutions aren’t sustainable. Flat Move will always be useful, even after the pandemic.


The wide range of standard modules and finishes allow you to shape Flat Move to your unique style.

About the Manufacturer

Flat Move is engineered and designed by Artis. Founded in 1964, Artis has a long history of manufacturing for architectural interiors. With a deep expertise in research and development, they design and manufacture innovative wall systems that are versatile, highly customizable and ideal for a wide range of client types.

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