The classic floor screen combines elegant design with maximum noise reduction.

It can be used on its own or with other items to shield different types of surroundings and to create spaces within spaces.


Widths: 23-5/8,  31-1/2,  39-3/8,  47-1/4″
Heights: 47-1/4, 59-1/16, 74-13/16″
Thickness: 2-3/4″

MDF core with mineral wool filling and external cover of fabric.

Standard Fabrics

Camira fabrics: Cara, Carlow, Blazer, Synergy
Gabriel: Event Screen, Twist, Gaja
Kvadrat: Floyd screen, Remix, Melange Nap, Fiord


Core MDF, 1-3/16” Wood Frame Rockwood filling, upholstered in fabric Foot is available with wheels

How to spec

Ex: Floor Screen Classic 31-1/2”x 59-1/16” Rockwood filling with Clara Fabric.