100% circular acoustic wall panels, made from natural fibers and earth pigments.


This patent-pending material offers superior sound absorption while mastering sustainability. Made from sustainable materials and designed for a circular life cycle, each acoustic tile is meticulously crafted.

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A breakthrough new acoustic wall panel designed for a 100% circular life cycle.

eco friendly acoustic panels
archisonic cotton, ribbed wall panels
sustainable materials for architecture

This patent-pending material by Impact Acoustic offers excellent sound absorption while mastering sustainability. Made from sustainable materials and designed for a circular life cycle, it is fully recyclable, ensuring that 100% can be seamlessly returned to production at the end of its life.

ARCHISONIC® Cotton harnesses the potential of cotton cellulose, a by-product of the cotton industry that would otherwise go to waste, along with other natural materials, without the use of harmful synthetic binders and chemicals. This approach not only reuses what would otherwise be discarded. Archisonic Cotton is fully compostable.

archisonic cotton - sustainable acoustic wall panels
archisonic cotton, in sage 10 & sage 30 colors
archisonic cotton black acoustic panels
archisonic cotton, shadow 50 color
recycled materials in acoustic panels

ARCHISONIC® Cotton is made from natural raw materials and enables a closed loop system through the use of cellulose. Unlike conventional acoustic materials, which rely on synthetic binders that are difficult to recycle, this solution allows the absorbers to be fully reintegrated into the production process.

Cotton offers a stunning range of 24 natural earth tones curated by Colour Hive trend scouts, perfectly complementing the existing Impact Acoustic Felt collection. No harsh chemical dyes are used, only natural earth pigments, & recycled materials. This gives this material an organic sensibility, subtle surface variations giving the panels charm and depth.

natural acoustic panels
archisonic cotton is made of natural materials
Archisonic Cotton Acoustic Test
archisonic cotton acoustic test results
archisonic cotton textured acoustic panels

ARCHISONIC® Cotton addresses the issue of sound absorption while being fully circular. Circularity refers to the idea of designing products and processes that aim to eliminate waste and pollution while creating a closed-loop system in which resources are used efficiently and sustainably.

ARCHISONIC® Cotton achieves impressive acoustic results for a circular material. The panels absorb 60% of the sound that contacts them if direct-mounted, and 65% when mounted on z-clips with an airgap – which  also makes it easier to uninstall at the end of the panels’ life for the take-back program.

archisonic cotton natural acoustic wall panels
archisonic may be mounted on z-clips

explore lush nature-
inspired colors:

Archisonic Cotton Shadow20

Shadow 20

Archisonic Cotton - Shadow 30

Shadow 30

Archisonic Cotton - Shadow 50

Shadow 50

Archisonic Cotton - Designer White 00

Designer White 00

Archisonic Cotton - Flax 10

Flax 10

Archisonic Cotton - Flax 30

Flax 30

Archisonic Cotton - Flax 50

Flax 50

Archisonic Cotton - Almond 20

Almond 20

Archisonic Cotton - Almond 30

Almond 30

Archisonic Cotton - Almond 40

Almond 40

Archisonic Cotton - Wheat 30

Wheat 30

Archisonic Cotton - Wheat 50

Wheat 50

Archisonic Cotton - Rose 20

Rose 20

Archisonic Cotton - Rose 50

Rose 50

Archisonic Cotton - Pigeon 20

Pigeon 20

Archisonic Cotton - Pigeon 30

Pigeon 30

Archisonic Cotton - Denim 10

Denim 10

Archisonic Cotton - Denim 30

Denim 30

Archisonic Cotton - Denim 40

Denim 40

Archisonic Cotton - Sage 10

Sage 10

Archisonic Cotton - Sage 30

Sage 30

Archisonic Cotton - Sage 50

Sage 50

Archisonic Cotton - Aloe 30

Aloe 30

Archisonic Cotton - Aloe 50

Aloe 50

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