Kyoto, designed by the Stockholm base design studio Note, was envisioned as an architectural microcosm, an open constellation of interior architecture.

Our interior spaces are in constant change, moving toward less permanent dividers and more modularity.

Kyoto was created as a solution which provides the insulating function of a closed physical space, with none of the permanence.


Width: 23-5/8″
Heights: 51-3/16″, 64-15/16″, 74-13/16″
Thickness: 3-1/4″
Floor drop heights: 3-15/16″, 11-13/16″

Wood: White stained Ash NCS S 0500-N
Black stained Ash NCS S 8500-N

Standard Fabrics

Camira fabrics: Cara, Blazer, Blazer Lite
Gabriel: Event Screen, Hush, Twist, Gaja
Kvadrat: Lucia, Remix, Hallingdal, Steelcut trio

Other fabrics available upon request

Designed by the Stockholm based design studio Note

Designed by Note

Note has worked Kyoto into a modular system, simple to use and set up

Magnets keep things together so that a well-insulated space can be built in seconds