Innovative, sculptural acoustic fabric panels, with a 3D-woven structure


The acoustics and aesthetics of Casalis 3D-woven acoustic textiles are unparalleled in interior design. These sculptural textures designed by Alexandra Gaca need to be felt to be understood, and you will feel their calming presence in any space they occupy.

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Innovative, sculptural acoustic fabric panels with a 3D-woven structure

Starting with the highest quality raw materials

Perfect marriage of traditional craftsmanship & cutting-edge material science

Produced & assembled by Casalis

casalis sustainable materials - wool
Casalis weaving process
Casalis 3D-fabric texture
Alexandra Gaca designed Casalis acoustic fabrics
Casalis fabric-wrapped acoustic panels
Casalis Acoustic Ceiling Panels

Proprietary patented 3D-Woven textile technology

Ingeniously designed by Alexandra Gaca

Tailor-made for your design

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choose the material of your Casalis acoustic panels:

Casalis Cello, Creme
Casalis Cello, Creme
casalis cello anthracite

Casalis Cello is a Class-A fire rated acoustic textile, 3D-Woven in a mixture of 30% merino wool, 29% virgin wool, 24% polyester, 16% cotton and 1% elastane, designed by Alexandra Gaca. Years of experience and know-how allow Casalis to uniquely develop top quality 3D fabrics using state of the art technology.

Where texture and technique meet, singular fabrics arise. Thus was born Casalis Cello, a 3D acoustic textile, a superbly woven fabric that not only offers great acoustic sound absorption, it’s aesthetically in a category of its own. An artful combination of textures, Cello’s soft cells in neutral colors lend elegance & sophistication.

casalis cello restaurant acoustics
Casalis Cello, Anthracite
casalis ondo acoustic seating
Casalis Ondo, Sea Green
Casalis Ondo - copper detail

Casalis Ondo’s waves are bold and soft, yet resilient. The recyclable TreviraCS yarns used to weave Ondo, give it a Class-A fire rating without any harmful coatings. This makes it ideal for all types of commercial applications, not to mention the amazing .90 NRC acoustic rating – absorbing 90% of soundwaves, while diffusing the rest.

Casalis Ondo provides visual, tactile and acoustic experiences as it muffles and absorbs sound. With fresh color combinations, its ability to soften sound, its reassuring warm touch & balanced aesthetics, Ondo creates a sophisticated, subtle atmosphere. Ondo is the most popular & most affordable acoustic textile made by Casalis.

Casalis Ondo - acoustic wall panel
Casalis Ondo, Sea Green
casalis leevn color palette
Casalis Leevn in Ivory, Yellow, & Ash
casalis leevn 3D fabric

Made of the same Class-A fire-resistant Trevira yarn as Ondo, Casalis Leevn has a more subtle, geometric, architectural pattern. Leevn’s linear grid feels solid and stable, yet plays via light & shadow throughout the day. Another superb design by Alexandra Gaca.

Casalis Leevn contributes to more lively and comfortable acoustic environments. Leevn, meaning “Life” in Flemish dialect, perfectly describes this Casalis acoustic textile. The texture and composition of the panels absorb & reflect sound much better than flat textiles.

Casalis Leevn interior design
Casalis Leevn wall panel
casalis slumber acoustic pouffes
Casalis Slumber Pouffes, Sand & Amber
casalis slumber sand texture

A favorite of the Habitat Matter team, Casalis Slumber is composed primarily of wool & mohair. The strong, elegant glossy mohair yarn is acquired from the coat of angora goats that are raised in an ecologically responsible manner in the wonderful South African nature area “Karoo”.

Casalis Slumber panels are just as stunning for their aesthetics as their acoustics. Because of its elasticity and precise pattern, the soft, unique fabric is offered only as completely finished acoustic panels (3D fabric on frames) which are our specialty, or as cozy & comfortable acoustical pouffes for occasional seating.

Casalis Slumber retail acoustics
Casalis Slumber, Light Grey
casalis bonnet acoustic room dividers
Casalis Bonnet Room Dividers
casalis bonnet acoustic pouffes

Casalis Bonnet, designed by Liset van der Scheer, is made of 100% Merino Wool. Compared with ordinary wool, merino wool is softer on the skin because the fibers are much finer and don’t itch. This makes merino wool ideal for producing soft-touch acoustic room dividers, cushions, footstools and pouffes.

Inspired by Casalis Bonnet pouffes, the Bonnet Acoustic Panels are a colorful collection of room dividers to brighten up your space. These are offered as completely finished panels (fabric on frames) in a huge variety of colors. These panels include acoustic insulation for excellent acoustic performance.

Casalis Bonnet Acoustic Pouffes
Casalis Bonnet Acoustic Pouffes
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