Bored of the same old perforated acoustic panels? Not Obersound


Acoustic panels designed to bring more soul into our interiors. Unique perforation patterns reduce noise for quieter and more comfortable spaces. Creative patterns let you play with style in natural wood, metal, matte color, and organic finishes.

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acoustic wood panels

acoustic wood panels
by obersound

Perforated acoustic wood panels have entered a new era, with the Obersound collection designed by Studio 5.5. Obersound merges Prestige d’Oberflex real wood veneers with unique customizable acoustic perforation patterns, to give designers more freedom than ever before. This emblematic collection boasts 97 models of laminate, natural or stained wood veneers. The panels are coated with Oberflex’s high-resistance finish and are available in a wide range of standard or custom-made, smooth or perforated panels.

Fire Resistance
Impact Resistance
Abrasion Resistance
Scratch Resistance
Light Resistance
Easy Maintenance
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Good acoustic design is critical in interior spaces to ensure good sound quality, speech intelligibility, concentration, comfort, and confidentiality. When a sound wave hits Obersound acoustic wood panels, several reactions occur: part of the wave enters the panels through perforations and is trapped, part of the wave is diffused by the varied surface pattern and scattered back into the space, and part of the wave passes fully through to be absorbed by rockwool insulation behind. Obersound perforated acoustic wood panels absorb up to 95% of the sound that hits them (αw coefficient .95). Wood has been used in acoustic applications for centuries, and generously lends itself to interior acoustic design with its warmth - visual, auditory, and tactile all at once.

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*Perforations are not required for acoustic performance with SuperOrganic"
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