Bored of the same old perforated acoustic panels? Not Obersound


Acoustic panels designed to bring more soul into our interiors. Unique perforation patterns reduce noise for quieter and more comfortable spaces. Creative patterns let you play with style in natural wood, metal, matte color, and organic finishes.

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pure color: artistic acoustic panels
by obersound

The perforations in colorful cladding give these artistic acoustic panels a superpower: sound absorption. Obersound acoustic panels have the performance of a premier acoustic material, with the surface resistance of a laminate and a huge range of bold and sophisticated colors for your palette. Obersound creates perforated, ready-to-use, acoustic panels made of a recycled wood substrate bonded on one side with a solid color decorative finish, letting air through to absorb sound. Their high-tech exclusive manufacturing process give the panels unrivaled surface resistance.

Fire Resistance
Impact Resistance
Abrasion Resistance
Scratch Resistance
Light Resistance
Easy Maintenance
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The Obersound panel patterns have been designed by Studio 5.5 to provide acoustic comfort while bringing extra life to your design. Presented together in several themed artistic acoustic panel collections, these finishes emulate architectural skin, space-age geometries, green walls, calming weather or organic landscapes. To be used by combining them with different wood, paper or metal surfaces, these patterns are customizable in a configurator for infinite possibilities, thus offering real potential to architects, designers, and clients. Whether you select one of the calming pure colors, plain white acoustic panels, or subtle black acoustic panels, these finishes are sure to make an impression.

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*Perforations are not required for acoustic performance with SuperOrganic"
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