Adotta Metafora

Designed in Italy. Made for the USA.

Adotta Metafora is a complete glass wall system designed to bring the spirit of architecture to the interior of the building. The exceptional materiality of the aluminum, glass, and steel is evident in the precise lines and distinctive patented hardware. Metafora is minimal, but not to the point of boredom. Its 1” compact profile includes a 1/2” shadowline reveal, to give the appearance of weightlessness. Infinitely customizable to fit your vision, this is no ordinary wall system.

Adotta Metafora at Nike Headquarters

Minimal profiles

Custom finishes

Seamless connections

Unique Hardware

Adotta Metafora Swing doors

Adotta Metafora swing doors are frameless glass surrounded by dual-bubble air gasketing for great acoustics. For sensitive rooms, the doors can also include an automatic drop-seal at the threshold to fully seal the room. The weight of the door rests on a specialized bottom hinge, eliminating the need for bulky framing. Three hinges are all that’s required for glass doors up to 10 feet tall.

Offset pivot hinge

Pivot hinge

Acoustic dropseal

Overhead closer

Adotta Metafora Sliding doors

Adotta Metafora sliding doors are frameless glass suspended by proprietary stainless steel rollers. Visible from the inside of the room, the rollers are exposed, allowing you to see the inner workings of the wall system which allow the doors to open and close smoothly and easily. Sliding doors are seamlessly integrated into the minimal profile, alongside the stationary glass, and drop seals are also available for improved acoustics.

Integrated sliding track

Door receiver increases acoustics

Integrated rollers

Proprietary hardware

Demising walls

We can build demising, free-standing, and acoustic walls to designers’ specifications. Endless configurations of glass walls, clerestories, solid panels, acoustic partitions, fabric walls and marker boards are possible. No need to sacrifice  functionality – the steel interior structure of the Metafora walls is engineered to support furniture systems, tv monitors and electrical outlets.

Design + Customization

A dedicated Habitat Matter project manager can also advise on the customization abilities of Metafora to conform to your design. With our consultative approach, we can push the Adotta Metafora wall system to accomplish the vision that you have, while ensuring acoustic and structural integrity. Adotta Metafora can incorporate elements such as curved glass, double-glazing, freestanding arrangements, double-height glass walls, automatic door closers, electrified LCD “switch glass” for privacy, solid walls with insulation and absorptive acoustic paneling, integrated electronics, and so much more. Just ask!

Industrial Grid Mullions

Inspired by old factory windows, industrial-style grid mullions have been a staple of the Metafora arsenal for the past several years, manifesting in a wide variety of customized arrangements to fit the vision of each client.

Glass Wall with Grid Mullions
Foley Hoag Grid Mullions

Double Glazed Walls

For sensitive conversations, private meetings, or just simple peace & quiet, double glazed offices are the best glass walls you can have. Our highest level of acoustic privacy is achieved using two panes of acoustic glass separated by a 2″ air gap, along with double-glazed swing doors, fully sealed with automatic dropseals.

Double Glazed Meeting Room
Double Glazed Demountable Wall System

Curved Glass

Something about curved glass adds a touch of sophistication and grace to an already elegant space. Metafora has a set of standardized glass curves, carefully selected to fit most projects’ designs and budgets. For custom curves, we recommend keeping the same radius and using it throughout your project.

Curved Glass Conference Room

Freestanding Rooms

Metafora works whether you are looking for full-height glass walls to accommodate very high ceilings, or self-contained freestanding rooms. With optional integrations including solid walls, whiteboards, and acoustic ceilings, Metafora’s endless options help create your dream office.

Adotta Metafora Freestanding Room
Freestanding Glass Meeting Room with White Frame

What will your walls look like?

Aluminum finishes: anodize in neutral tones or powdercoat in nearly any color

Design your office using any type of glass from 1/4″ up to 5/8″

Some of our favorite materials for your solid walls:

What’s your hardware of choice?

Eurotype Lockset

Mortise Lockset

Multiple finishes

Aluminum Pulls

Our standard hardware is made by PBA, a high-quality manufacturer of pulls and locksets out of Italy. PBA has a wide range of locking and non-locking hardware in a variety of finishes. They are a stainless steel specialist, with options in aluminum to expand the range of available finishes. Adotta Metafora is also compatible with hardware from other manufacturers, and we can provide the hardware that you specify.

Need more details, pricing, 3D files? We’re happy to hear from you.