Adotta Armonica

A telescopic partition without a floor track.

Adotta Armonica is designed to allow spaces to transform, seamlessly. Armonica is a retractable, telescoping wall system, which hangs from the header and can accommodate openings of up to 40’ in a single stretch. The thin framing, combined with the fact that there is no floor track, give Armonica a very light aesthetic. Hidden within a recessed track in the header, the advanced rollers and soft-closing mechanisms make moving the panels easy for anyone. Panels are linked, so that you can pull or push on the leading panel and the rest will follow.

Soft closing mechanism

No bottom track

Recessed top track

Recessed handle

What will your walls look like?

Aluminum finishes: anodize or powdercoat

Our clients use Armonica in a variety of applications: meeting rooms, conference centers, cafe and dining areas, event spaces, storage areas, or as occasional room dividers. Given the wide range of customization options, we can accommodate a wide variety of configurations and aesthetic designs.

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