Casalis Cello

Woven from Merino Wool, Casalis Cello is a 3D textile with fantastic acoustic properties and luxurious texture.

This singular 3D fabric is designed to create air pockets that are soft to the touch yet have a striking visual effect.


Woven in a mixture of 30% merino wool, 29% virgin wool, 24% polyester, 16% cotton and 1% elastane.

Color Range

6 standard colors

Casalis Cello - Anthracite


Casalis Cello - Beige


Casalis Cello - Camel


Casalis Cello - Creme


Casalis Cello - Light Grey

Light Grey

Casalis Cello - Black


Casalis 3D Fabric Acoustic Performance

Acoustic performance you can feel

Casalis acoustic panels offer outstanding performance, both in absorption and diffusion of noise. Thanks to the 3D woven fabric, the surface area of the acoustic element increases drastically: Casalis’ acoustic elements absorb more than 90% of the sound that comes in contact with them.

Available in many shapes and sizes

Widths from 30-90 cm, and lengths up to 500 cm.

Casalis 3D Fabric-wrapped acoustic desk divider

Acoustic Desk Divider

Casalis 3D Fabric-wrapped acoustic hanging ceiling panels

Acoustic Ceiling Panels

Casalis 3D Fabric-wrapped acoustic room divider

Acoustic Room Divider

Casalis 3D Fabric-wrapped acoustic suspended room divider

Suspended Room Divider

Casalis 3D Fabric-wrapped acoustic wall panels

Acoustic Wall Panels

Casalis 3D Fabric-wrapped acoustic wallcovering

Acoustic Wallcovering

Casalis 3D Fabric-wrapped custom acoustic wall

Custom Acoustic Walls

Casalis 3D Fabric-wrapped standing room divider

Standing Room Divider