Bored of the same old perforated acoustic panels? Not Obersound


Acoustic panels designed to bring more soul into our interiors. Unique perforation patterns reduce noise for quieter and more comfortable spaces. Creative patterns let you play with style in natural wood, metal, matte color, and organic finishes.

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perforated metal acoustic panels

perforated metal acoustic panels
by obersound

Obersound perforated metal-look acoustic panels improve acoustic comfort in interior spaces where soft surfaces just won’t do. The acoustic perforations reduce echo so you can hear your friends, family, and colleagues better. The easily cleanable surface will work for museums, offices, and restaurants. Obersound uses a metal surface laminated onto a recycled wood substrate with perforations in tons of styles for you to customize. The aluminum finishes are brushed, matt, rough rolled or mirror polished.

Fire Resistance
Easy Maintenance
Light Resistance
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The Obersound custom perforated metal patterns have been designed by Studio 5.5 to provide acoustic comfort while bringing extra life to your design. Presented together in several themed metal acoustic panel finishes, these panels emulate architectural skin, space-age geometries, industrial finishes, or futuristic landscapes. To be used as a lower cost than perforated plate stainless steel while achieving the same look and with the acoustic benefits of wood, these patterns are customizable in a configurator for infinite possibilities, thus offering real potential to architects, designers, and clients. Whether you use them for a perforated panel ceiling, or as acoustic metal wall panels, Obersound is sure to make an impression.

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*Perforations are not required for acoustic performance with SuperOrganic"
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