JSB Capital Group, Miami

The newly designed office space for JSB Capital Group in Miami is a shining example of acoustic material integrated early into the design. With a focus on creating an open and bright environment, filling every corner with natural light through the incorporation of sleek glass partitions, the space faced an acoustic challenge that would risk productivity and focus. At Habitat Matter we love a good acoustic challenge, and this was no exception!

We proposed installing wave ceiling baffles, these visually pieces not only enhance the office aesthetics but also help absorb and diffuse sound waves through their undulating pattern. The acoustic lighting pieces serve a dual function, optimize lighting conditions and, also contribute to a quieter and more tranquil work space conducive to focused work and meaningful interactions.

The real star of the project though, are the bespoke art pieces made from recycled PET felt! Inspired by serene landscapes, these art pieces make the space feel bigger in more ways than one. Placed strategically, they act as specialized sound absorbers, reducing sound levels and infusing the office with a sense of calm. JSB is a great example of how integrated and innovative acoustics can turn challenges into triumphs.